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    all of these zines are $3 for canada & us and $4 international, with shipping included.

    i write about addiction, recovery, sobriety, trauma, mixed race identity, queerness, femme, being gender queer and a bunch of other things. the pink zine i co-authored with zinester clementine morrigan.

    i am inspired by fashion, pop culture and DIY culture. 

    you can buy all of em on my website LIVINGNOTEXISTING.ORG

    share & reblog to support artists, activists & writer <333


  2. akira-scans:

    Akira Club - Akira art book - Otomo Katsuhiro

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  3. foxymorphone:

    *is sweating*

    *didn’t even pop a molly*


  4. What RPG class would you assign me?

  6. 20aliens:

    Greg Girard

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  7. reptilianilluminati:

    1996 UFO sighting in Florida. 

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  8. I wish there was a gender neutral term for babygirl


  9. frighteningfox:



    Your first time is NOT supposed to hurt

    You are NOT supposed to bleed

    If you bleed, that is NOT your hymen being ‘popped’, it is a tear due to lack of sexual arousal and natural lubrication.

    This is all a MYTH perpetrated by men so they don’t have to make sure you are comfortable and sufficiently aroused enough before you have sex with them. It is an excuse to disregard and hurt you.

    I just really want women to know this.

    wait…. really?

    yes really

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  10. primadollly:

    seeing people in ouija board sweaters


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