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    I created a blog solely for my art, go check it out and follow it if you’d like, I have a bunch of stuff queued up (most of it already posted here) but from now on I’ll be posting any art there and rebloging it to here.

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    going by nero now !! name change psa

    honestly best name choice ever omg

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  4. my tourettes has been so fucking bad lately ugh

    it freaks me out that no one around me really notices it that much cause i’ve learned to hide the tics into other more “normal” movement and speech patterns and stuff. but like inside my head its so fucking horrible and painful and stressful and i’m always hyper aware of it


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  7. being lonely fucking sucks

    someone come kiss it better


  8. omg i just pulled a muscle in my side and it hurts SO BAD

    fuck everything


    1. Me in seventh grade: I hope I'm not gay
    2. Me now: I want the soccer team to piss on me
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    Marina Abramovic - Impoderabilia (1977)

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